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Life is Art

Growing up in San Francisco Bay Area has afforded me the opportunity to discover its iconic beauty and diversity. Now, through my passion for photography, that beauty and diversity is the perfect backdrop for my love of storytelling.

Being a husband and father, it is a simple transition for me to make your family my family at our sessions. I take your photos the way I like my family photos to be taken; full of whimsy, laughter, loving, a whole lot of celebrating life’s little moments and maybe even a few tears in-between.

Your Experience

I like to think of myself as a lifestyle photojournalist; someone who interprets and communicates the true spirit and emotion unfolding before me through photographs. Of course we’ll do the traditional, lightly posed images to send to family and friends, but the majority of the gallery will be your visual story.

I pride myself in my ability to create a relaxed environment, one in which I can capture you at your most honest, spontaneous best. I don’t strive for perfect images, I strive for perfect moments.

“He has natural ability to see a moment and help pull it forward. The moments that Viceth was able to capture will be ones that I will cherish for a lifetime.”

- Shannon Green

 "If you’re looking for an adroit, congenial photographer to capture life’s most beautiful moments, look no further than Viceth Vong!"

- William Bell

"My husband doesn't usually enjoy family photo shoots because he feels awkward, but he said shooting with Viceth felt totally natural, like spending a fun day with family."

- Meredith Jaeger

"Great job on the editing and capturing our vision on the photos, we were so pleased with the landscape of every picture and how they all turned out."

- christina G.

"We are both really timid about being in a relationship and still refer to each other as just friends. So the truth in these photographs is eye opening."

- Jessica b.

"He went above and beyond to capture our style and vision, even went and drove himself to find us a location with a great backdrop with the right lighting."

- christina graven

Through missionaries I moved to The U.S with my parents in the 80’s.

I was a professional DJ in the Bay Area for 20 years.

I met my wife working in the women's shoe department at Nordstrom, where I was a professional stylist for 12+ years. I think I might even have more shoes than her!

We have four children; one boy and three girls.

When I found photography, I honestly believe I found my true calling. I often struggle to find a balance between work and play. My camera and I are inseperable!

5 Random Things About Me

Ready to adventure with me? Awesome! Tell me all about you. The more I get to know you, the better I can showcase your perfect moments.

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